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The People: CD

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The People is now available in a limited edition eco friendly CD Wallet! The People contains 6 live tracks, 1 traditional studio track (title track People Over Profits), and 1 track recorded while 'sheltering in place' (Gourmet Thunder).

digitally released September 4, 2020 CD release April 17, 2021

Tracks 4, 6, 7 recorded at Lafayette’s Music Room, Memphis, TN 18.04.24 Track 3 recorded at Lafayette’s Music Room, Memphis, TN 18.07.24 Track 1 recorded in Memphis, TN 2019 Tracks 2, 5 recorded at the Green Room, Memphis, TN 19.11.20 Track 8 recorded in Memphis, TN 2020 while “sheltering in place”

All Tracks Produced by Sean Murphy except: “People Over Profits” Produced by Paul Taylor & Sean Murphy

All Tracks Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Erik Flettrich except: “People Over Profits” Recorded & Mixed by Paul Taylor. Mastered by Paul Taylor & Erik Flettrich. “Gourmet Thunder” Recorded by Greg Fallis, Tom Link, Sean Murphy, Gerald Stephens; & Paul Taylor. Mixed by Sean Murphy. Mastered by Sean Murphy & Erik Flettrich.

Featuring Sean Murphy (sousaphone), Paul Taylor (drums, guitar), Tom Clary (trumpet, vocals), Jawaun Crawford (trumpet), Jeremy Shrader (trumpet), Tom Link (tenor saxophone), Jim Spake (tenor saxophone), Jason Yasinsky (trombone), Greg Fallis (trombone), Tom Lonardo (drums), Logan Hanna (guitar), & Gerald Stephens (keyboards).

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