The Mighty Souls are brewing up a strong, stanky pot of Funky Memphis Soul just for You! 

Mighty Souls Brass Band, a Memphis‐based rotating collective of composer‐players versed in a multitude of musical traditions, isn’t a soul band, nor is it a funk band, a marching band, or a swing band. And yet, depending on where you catch them live, you’ll hear all of those influences and more from around the globe. 

For proof, check the band’s debut album—Lift Up!, on Blue Barrel Records—largely recorded live, to catch the infectious synergy of the group. You’ll hear all of these influences, but you’ll also hear the writing and arrangement talents of MSBB’s members, who themselves composed ten of the album’s dozen tracks. This vigorously creative impulse to weave something new from the threads of various traditions is what makes Mighty Souls Brass Band a unique act even among brass ensembles. This is a band that knows where its roots lie, but also where its branches are reaching, far out into the world, a world that seems invariably to express its deepest spiritual desires and celebrations through music. 

Mighty Souls Brass Band is a group attuned to that desire, that celebratory spirit. It’s a music that swings, that soars, that swoons—all of which is suggested by that profound, that humble, that most human of words: “Soul.”


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